Tax Clearance Cert

As from 1st April 2016 the Revenue Commissioners no longer issue Tax Clearance certificates but will instead issue an eTax Clearance Certificate along with a tax verification number which will be required to verify our tax compliant status. Verifying an eTax Clearance Certificate Third party users are able to verify an eTax Clearance Certificate via ROS or the Government Networks. To access ROS you need to be registered for ROS. ROS customers may, if they wish, create ROS sub-certs for other users in their organisation who may only need ROS access to verify tax clearance. If you are not yet registered, see register for ROS to obtain your ROS digi-cert in 3 easy steps. Once registered for ROS, you can access Verify Tax Clearance from the ‘My Services’ tab in ROS. Public Service Bodies (PSB) Public Service Bodies please see the attached PDF for information about accessing the Web Service Verification through Government Networks. Information Required in order to confirm our tax clearance status: Company Name: Trigraph Professional Services Ltd Company PPSN/Tax Reference Number: 6386163N Access Number: 125862