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Managing Multiple Projects Live Virtual Class

Live Virtual Class
3 hours, 3 PDUs

The ability to manage multiple projects is difficult and complex. There is constant conflict in balancing shared resources across several projects and managing the expectations of project sponsors, functional managers and stakeholders. Competing priorities for resources, schedules and budgets creates a complicated environment for a project manager to succeed.

This course provides insight into recognizing integration points in both related and seemingly unrelated projects and how to effectively manage them. It also shows how to leverage project management processes to be more effective across multiple projects.

Wednesday April 23, 2014 - 5-8pm Irish time (12:00 - 3:00 Atlanta time)

Class taught by Tom Mochal

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Course Outline

* Projects, programs and portfolios

* The Project Suite

* Part of the answer – time management

* Differences between managing single projects and multiple projects

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Good use of your time - 3 hours of virtual class - earn 3 PDU's

Delivered by Tom Mochal - world renowned expert



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