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Lean Healthcare and The Science of Improvement Green Belt

In-house training only
5 Days

The internationally renowned Institute for Health care Improvement (IHI) introduced the Triple Aim in 2007. Numerous health care organisations have realised that the adoption of Lean principles and practices to be a highly effective means towards the attainment of the Triple Aim.

The IHI Triple Aim is a framework to:

  • Improve the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
  • Improve the health of populations;
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care.

This 5-day programme (delivered over 3-day and 2-day sessions a month apart) takes a deep dive into how you can begin the Lean Healthcare transformation journey in your healthcare organisation. 

Suitable for: 

This course is suitable for ALL professionals in the health services (both public and private hospitals, community and GP based practitioners.

What’s good about the course? : 

Andy Brophy, the course leader, is a specialist Lean coach/improvement advisor with significant experience in health services.

In the past 5 years, hospitals and health systems have been adopting Lean Management. Much attention has been given to the positive financial impact realised  – cost savings and capacity increases with no additional Cap Ex investment –  it must also be emphasised that hospitals have positively deployed Lean to lower patient waiting times and to improve patient safety and the quality of care. An added bonus is that staff engagement levels greatly improves. Lean is fundamentally patient centric and tapping into the concealed potential of those closest to the patient – your frontline staff.

Gain an internationally recognised Green Belt qualification geared specifically for the health services sector


Gain an internationally recognised Green Belt qualification geared specifically for the health services sector


Project based - you will be expected to deliver a real improvement initiative for your own business as part of the course.

Practical course - in addition to learning the various Lean tools the real value is in applying appropriate tools with your own improvement project.

Detailed Content:

Part 1 - days 1-3

Day 1

Lean Healthcare Overview

The Science of Improvement Overview

  • Appreciation of a System
  • Understanding Variation
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Human Side of Change

The Integration of Lean and The Science of Improvement

Rapid Tests of Change: PDSA Cycles Exercise

Healthcare Waste

Healthcare Waste Exercise

Change Concepts

Working with Teams

Generic and Proven Roadmap for Successful Organisational Wide Transformation

Sustain the Gains: Lean Management System

Nurturing of the Improvement Culture

Healthcare Behavioural Standards


Day 2

Virginia Mason Production System 60 Minute Video

Methods and Tools

The 4 Rules in Use (The DNA of Operational Excellence)

Mapping: Process, CNX, Service Blueprint, and Patient Experience

Mapping Exercise

5S Workplace Organisation and Exercise

Visual Management

Healthcare Quick Changeover

Standard Work

Idea Management

Accelerated Idea Workshop

Kaizen: AIE Workshop

Mistake Proofing for Healthcare

Waste Walks

Management of Change

Day 3

Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Current State Mapping of Our Areas

Part 2 - days 4-5

Day 4

Ideal State Map of Our Area

Future State Map of Our Area

Blueprint for Change Plan

Day 5

(Project Initiation)

A 3 Problem Solving Workshop

The 7 Basic Lean Healthcare Quality Tools that will Solve 95% of Problems